Adult Choir

Tabor’s Adult Choir was reorganized in 1954 to help spread the Gospel and sing Praises to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Adult Choir takes part in the Liturgical service from September through June, and prepares special music for services through the year. Choir practices are held Wednesdays at 7pm, and are open to anyone who enjoys singing and fellowship. Director Greg Keller may be contacted through the church office.

bells 2 (3)Red Rose Ringers

Tabor’s Bell Choir practices on Mondays, at 7pm. The Ringers perform selections several times throughout the year, including Lent, Red Rose Sunday, Fall and Christmas Eve. Qualifications for membership in Tabor’s Bell Choir are quite simple: If you can count from one to four, you’re in! You do not need to be a musician, nor do you need to read music–but you can still be part of a group that enjoys each other and blesses the congregation through music. Director Renee Haag may be contacted through the church office.